Quality in manufacturing and engineering is our main focus, translating to efficient and reliable solutions for our clients. A nine-pronged approach is taken to quality, ensuring assurance at every stage. LNM Auto is ISO/IATS/ZED Certified. LNM Auto has a wonderful team of qualified people and also all tools required to maintain and improve upon its Quality.

Quality Tools

  • Quality via certification
  • Quality via statistical techniques
  • Quality via continuous improvement
  • Quality via built in process engineering
  • Quality via selective supplier base
  • Quality via inspection and testing
  • Quality via Information System
  • Quality via computerized production planning & control
  • Quality via facilities management
  • Quality via 7qc tool used for problem solving

Infrastructure in Quality

  • Micro Hardness Tester Fully Computerized with Image Analyzer
  • Microscope up to resolution 2000X – Computer Attached
  • Rockwell Hardness System
  • Superficial Hardness System
  • Material Testing Laboratory
  • Magnaflux Crack Detector
  • Profile Projector
  • Co-ordinate Measuring Mach
  • Air Gauge
  • 2D- Height gauge(Trimos)
  • Contour Machine( Zeiss)
  • Spline testing
  • Slip Gauge Box

2D Height gauge Trimos


Countour Machine


MPI Magnaflux

Sample Preparation

Profile Projector

Rockwell Hardness Tester


Quality Certificates